Mejora de procesos

Servicios integrales Pensamos en contexto Soluciones en  Sostenibilidad Sustainability Consultoria inicial USD1,250PROJECTO (20 HORAS) Identificar contexto mas Energy Consultoria inicial USD2,750PROJECTO (35 HORAS) Eficiencia energetica mas Lifecycle Consultoria inicial USD3,500PROJECTO (50 HORAS) Reducir insumos mas EFFICIENCY Consultoria inicial USD7,500PROJECTO (100 HORAS) Eficiencia integral mas

Estrategia sostenibilidad

Estrategia de negocio Long-Term Strategy of business Our service includes marketing research, analysis and creating marketing plan where you will see all the directions where to lead your business and which goods and services it’s more profitable to produce. We will show you how to decrease your expenses, find distribution channels and give advice about price […]

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